Key Holding

Our key holding service is available for all industries. Veritech holds the keys, codes or access instructions at your local Veritech office. Once provided we can gain access to your property or site when required.

Reliable access control

Veritech key holding service provides many attractive security solutions:

  • Maintain access control to the property or construction site.

  • A time framework of our response.

  • Access control while you’re away.

  • Alarm response and monitoring

  • Security patrol of the premises

We understand that sometimes you cannot always open the doors to your business or property. This is why our key holding service is perfect for maintaining regular access control to your site or property.


Key Holding Pricing Plans

  • BASIC PLAN Per Annum
  • From £99
  • Alarm Codes
  • Out of Hours Response
  • MEDIUM PLAN Per Annum
  • From £150
  • Alarm Codes
  • Door Keys
  • Out of Hours Response
  • Half Hour On Site
  • HEAVY PLAN Per Annum
  • From £299
  • Alarm Codes
  • Door & Window Keys
  • 24/7 Response
  • Half Hour On Site
  • Sign Boards Provided