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CCTV – the security system that catches everything

Purchase or hire our CCTV systems from as little as £69 per week!

Veritech offers a reliable CCTV security system for your site or property. Our cost effective visual and recorded media systems provide crucial assistance for the management of security.

How can CCTV security system benefit your business?

  • Surveillance of perimeter security

  • 24-hour visuals on site and recorded media

  • Protection for staff and customers

  • Theft prevention

  • Live alert of a crime taking place

  • Assistance for court proceedings and claims

  • Supports health and safety initiatives

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Why choose us?

In Partnership with HikVision

Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance. Their cutting edge technology provides a great security solution for properties and construction sites.

Remote CCTV Security Systems & Mobile Access

Our CCTV security systems can be watched over 4G and 3G devices or on-site internet connections. Each system provides a world-class monitoring platform for mobile devices. This means you can have access to your sites security from your mobile.

Tailored Security Solutions

Our aim is to provide your site or property with the highest level of security. Each CCTV security system is placed around the site or property to provide the highest level of security. The performance is maintained and tracked by our specialists.

Delivering Standards

Fortnightly visits and checks are in place to track the security and surveillance level of our CCTV systems. CCTV installers continue to make checks over the system’s lifetime to ensure your site or property is looked after.

Cost Effective Systems

CCTV provides a visual watch on your site or property. This provides a more cost-effective solution, rather than using a manned presence. CCTV captures evidence of crime or vandalism that cannot be questioned.

Quick and reliable

Our CCTV systems are ready to be fitted around your property or site. Each is tailored to your specification and placed accordingly. If any further requirements are requested then please speak with one of our engineers and we will do our best to help.