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Manned Guarding

Maintain a regular presence to make sure no one’s watching

At Veritech Systems we provide man guarding and dog handlers for many construction sites and properties.

What’s included?

  • Hourly manned patrols

  • Perimeter security inspections

  • Veritech management will meet with the site team to undertake a pre-security survey and Health & safety site survey.

  • Scheduled timetable

  • Discussion on out of hours emergency procedures

  • Welfare checks

  • Site log books

  • Guards patrol log

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Tailor your manned guarding by adding further security solutions:


  • Dog handlers are perfect if your site has been victim to criminal activity.

  • Guard roaming equipment, including fortnightly reports.


How can manned guarding increase your level of security?


If a person is watching with a close eye, they may begin to track the vacant hours of the property or site, and learn the different faces of the business. However, with a manned guard, the site or property has a presence during the usual vacant hours. Each time will be scheduled during random hours, therefore the perpetrator cannot note the exact vacant times of the property.

Furthermore, if your site or property is at high risk of criminal activity, we always advise choosing a dog handler to visit the site. This is because the animal will be able to further detect any presence on the site and will warn lurking eyes away.

security company southampton
manned guarding
manned guarding